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New Beginnings Services

When the police and coroner are done with their detective work and brought with them the victim’s body they usually leave behind blood, stench and horror of the crime. This is when the delicate task of cleaning up the crime scene follows. But, not everybody has the capability to do this.

We at New Beginnings understand that for the families to be able to cope with this difficult situation, they have to possess great resilience and fortitude. But, this would not be possible without first cleaning up the crime scene. We at New Beginnings completely understand the urgency of one’s home or establishment to be put back to its pre-incident state. We observe strict adherence to quick and immediate response to your decontamination and restoration needs.

We at New Beginnings handle everything for you from getting your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible including filing claims with all insurance companies. We are here to help you start your New Beginning and move on from this traumatic experience.

We will file the claim with your insurance company and send our bill directly to your insurance company to ensure your claim is processed quickly. Special instances exist where payment is received (minus deductible, which you are responsible for) directly from your insurance company.

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If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer help contacting the Victims Compensation Claims or setting up payment plans.

In addition to hoarding cleanup, death & body decomposition cleaning services, all trauma & crime scene cleaning, or any type of blood cleaning needs we also provide services for the following:

Our teams of technicians are not only certified to perform different kinds of crime scene and trauma cleaning tasks.  They are also equipped with the right tools, equipment, protective gears and high grade cleaning products to ensure that each job is done at the highest standard. Thus, you and your family can easily get back to your business or home with more peace of mind making it easier for you to start a new beginning.

New Beginnings CTS Services Are Extensive

  • Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup
  • Deodorization
  • Foreclosure Cleanout
  • Holding Cell Cleanup
  • Human & Animal Feces Cleanup

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Law Enforcement
  • Vehicle Cleanup
  • Vandalism Cleanup
  • Water Restoration

If you, your family, or friends may be in need of our crime scene cleanup services but are not sure of the services you need, please give us a call anytime (we are available 24 hours a day every day of the year) and we will help you through the process (936) 447-9817.

Hoarding Cleanup

We are highly trained in hoarding cleanup and know how to evaluate the unique situation of each hoarder’s house to be able to bring back order and cleanliness. The likelihood of a valuable…

Crime Scene Cleanup

The taking of a life by another human leaves family and friends traumatized and victimized. The family is often overwhelmed with emotions and grief, and can be very difficult for one to understand.


Death Cleanup

After a death, nature begins the process of returning our physical being to its simplest form. This process begins immediately and the signs of decomposition start to show within as little as a day.


Blood Cleanup

In Human blood and bodily fluid situations, there poses a high risk to individuals who perform blood clean up services. Blood has the ability to spread infectious diseases such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis…


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