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Blood Clean Up Services In Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, & Conroe

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Blood Clean Up Services

The Blood Cleaning Specialists

Blood cleaning specialists are among the very few people who can provide you with the kind of help that you need when an accident or traumatic incident occurs. Aside from blood cleanup tasks, these blood cleanup specialists also perform decontamination, biohazard cleanup and trauma cleaning. Since blood cleaners are considered “secondary responders”, their work starts when the police officers (who are among the first responders) or other government officials give a go signal as they release the scene to the property owner and other responsible individuals/parties. Blood cleaning specialists cannot start their work unless the police officers have completely terminated the investigation.

Blood Clean-Up Explained

Blood cleanup is also one of the many generic terms associated with crime scene cleanup services. It is a task that is performed as part of the CTS Decon (i.e. Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination) professional services to aid those individuals who are in tragic and unpleasant circumstances. Some of the events that warrant the services of blood cleaners include homicide, murder, fatal accidents, natural deaths, unattended deaths and suicide.

New Beginnings CTS have been providing hoarding cleaning services in the Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and all throughout the Houston area since 2011.

Why You Should Hire Professional Blood Cleaning Services

blood cleaning specialists

There are several reasons why you should call on the experts to perform blood cleaning. Especially in the traumatic events many victims assume that all of the blood is there own; however this is usually not the case. In addition, are some of the more common reasons why using a professional is always recommended:

Your Insurance Covers The Cost

In most cases, homeowners insurance does cover the cost of blood cleanup services.  But, if the owner of the “scene” does not have any insurance some blood cleaning companies provide several payment options and third-party sources of funding.

To Avoid Infectious Diseases

Using a professional cleaning service may prove to be the wisest thing to do as it spares you, your loved ones or employees from the dangers of being contaminated with life-threatening diseases. The blood-borne pathogens of primary concern include HBV or hepatitis B virus, HCV or hepatitis C virus and acquired immunodeficiency virus or AIDS.

To Avoid Spreading The Pathogens

Blood cleaning increases one’s risk of being exposed to blood borne disease-causing microorganisms. If you make attempts at doing blood cleaning on your own, there is a significant possibility of diluted contaminants being spread out thus the risk of being contaminated will not be completely eliminated.

To Ensure That No Traces Will Be Left Behind

It is very important that no trace of blood stains should be left behind to help make it easier for an individual to get over a traumatic incident. If you choose to perform the task of blood cleaning on your own there will be a great tendency that some amount of lingering blood stains are left behind and this can also translate to lingering memories of that painful situation. In addition, blood that is left on the floors, walls or other parts of the house could permeate and cause physical damage to property. Furthermore, the risks of being infected with blood borne pathogens will not be completely eliminated if traces of blood have remained.

To Ensure Speed, Accuracy And Safety

Even if you purchase the right disinfectants and waste containers you still do not have complete knowledge on how to properly clean the blood on specific surfaces. You may also do not have the right protective clothing and gear that will prevent you from being infected with a deadly virus. Besides, cleaning blood spills is a kind of task that may take several days to get done, if you choose to do it yourself. With the help of professionals, blood cleaning may only take one day as they have heavy-duty equipment and have undergone the right training to be able to perform the job with much precision, compassion, speed and safety.

New Beginnings CTS does not leave until the job is done and you are satisfied

  • Number of specialists needed to clean up the entire scene
  • Number of rooms and pathways affected
  • Level of structural damage (wall surfaces, cabinetry, floors and sub-flooring)
  • Length of time the scene was left unattended
  • Number of hours spent on cleaning and decontaminating the area
  • Amount of biohazardous waste that needed to be disposed
  • Number of supplies to be used during the cleanup process
  • Additional complications (hoarding disorder, large number of furniture)

It is important to avoid asking about the cost over the phone.  Wait until their blood cleaning specialists are in the scene because this is also the best time for them to make assessments regarding the costs of the job.

Why Use New Beginnings For Blood Clean Up?

Exposure to human blood can pose a very high risk to people especially to those who are working for blood cleanup services. The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires all individuals who perform blood cleanup services to undergo the necessary training and obtain proper certifications.  Since blood contains viruses and bacteria that can cause infectious diseases, blood cleanup technicians must also wear the right PPE while in the crime scene or during the cleaning up process.

after blood cleanup

Technicians from New Beginnings CTS Decon are licensed, insured and fully equipped with the right knowledge, protective gears and equipment to be able to perform the best and most thorough blood clean up services.

Blood cleaning experts from the New Beginnings see to it that they perform their tasks with strict adherence to the rules and regulations established by the federal government’s OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control. Thus, each step in the cleaning process is accomplished according to what the laws stipulate regarding safety and accuracy.

Houston Service Area

We offer blood cleaning services throughout the Houston area as a locally owned and family run business. Some zip codes we serve include:

77381, 77382, 77383, 77386, 77387, 77388, 77389, 77391, 77393, 77354, 77375, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77389, 77301, 77302, 77303, 77304, 77318, 77356, 77378, 77382, 77384, 77385

In addition we proudly serve some of the following areas within Houston:

Creekside Park, East Shore, Town Center/The Waterway, Sterling Ridge, Carlton Woods, Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing, Indian Springs, College Park, Panther Creek, Grogan's Mill, Bainbridge Estates, Candlelight Hills, Country Lake Estates, Cypresswood, Cypresswood Glen, Cypresswood Glen Estates, Devonshire Woods, Huntwick, Lakes of Cypress Forest, Louetta Lakes, Memorial Northwest, Oaks of Devonshire, Spring Creek Forest, Spring Creek Oaks, Spring Lakes, Spring Trails, Stone Forest, Terranova West, The Thicket, Wind Rose, Woodloch, Harper's Preserve, Graystone Hills, Wedgewood Falls, Chase Run, Imperial Oaks, Cedar Woods, Stewarts Forest, Barton Woods, and More

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