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Crime Scene & Trauma Clean Up Services In Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, & Conroe

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Hoarding Clean Up

What is Crime Scene Cleaning?

Crime scene cleaning is the kind of service that helps survivors of a crime and their families be relieved from too much trauma through restoration and decontamination of the place where the incident occurred. From homicide to suicide, accidents and unattended death, these crime scene cleaning experts are very much capable and willing to perform jobs that very few people can stomach.

New Beginnings CTS have been providing crime scene cleaning services in the Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and all throughout the Houston area since 2011.

The Importance of Responding Quickly to the Crime Scene

With regard to crime scene, the response time of the cleaning professionals is crucial.  This is because seeing all traces of the crime poses too much trauma to the survivors and their loved ones. But, the sooner the decontamination and sanitation are completed, the sooner it will be as well for the healing process to start.

The presence of blood and other biological hazards is another reason why quick action and response on the part of crime scene cleaning specialists is very much important. All blood, body fluids, bodily secretions and excretions contain transmissible pathogens. The blood has the most infectious viruses of all body fluids and it is also considered as the most critical vehicle of spreading out different kinds of contagions. When the place is being cleared from these contaminants; the likelihood of spreading infectious diseases will also be eliminated.

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Why You Should NOT Clean the Crime Scene On Your Own

Cleaning the area where a person dies is too risky as it entails handling harmful biological wastes such as blood and other bodily fluids. This is why such a traumatic task is better left to the professionals to ensure that the cleaning and disposing of biological wastes are done properly. Otherwise, the possibility of those viruses and bacteria being spread out to contaminate many people inside and outside the vicinity may occur.

In addition, it takes special knowledge on how to clean the area, dispose the waste while all these time protecting one’s self. Cleaning a crime scene is definitely not a DIY job that everybody can just perform with much ease and confidence. What you may perceive as just a “small amount” of blood on the surface could actually be a whole lot of blood underneath the mattress. Thus, you need the proper tools and equipment to ensure that no traces of it are left behind to avoid any possible contamination to you or your loved ones.

Why Use the Services of Crime Scene Cleaning Experts

Probably one of the most compelling reasons to hire a professional crime scene cleaner is to make your life a little better especially at this very difficult period. These crime scene cleaning experts are there to make a difference as they spare you from the agony and pain of cleaning and dealing with the atrocities of this traumatic situation.

Crime Scene Clean Up Costs

The national average for a couple of hours of crime scene cleanup service may cost $2800 to $3500, Houston however, this is less. In most cases, the costs for crime scene cleaners are covered by homeowners and commercial insurance policies. New Beginnings does not charge flat fees. Whether it is trauma related, hoarding, or any other type of biohazard cleanup we work with our clients based on their situation.

Of course, the cost will also depend on the magnitude of damage to the property. For example, the rate can also get higher if the crime scene cleaners will need to restore some damage to the structure which may include painting, sealing, carpet removal, subfloor removal and dry wall removal. The amount of EPA approved chemicals and waste containers used during the cleaning process will also be taken into consideration.

We are local trauma and crime scene cleaning specialists and because of that we can respond faster than any other company.

Why Use New Beginnings?

trama crime scene

By providing crime scene cleanup services in the most sensitive and compassionate manner New Beginnings CTS Decon professionals are able to ease some of the burdens that the grieving family has to go through. With years of experience, the technicians from will take care of the cleaning tasks so that the grieving family can attend to other more important tasks. Rest assured that the tasks of restoration and decontamination will be done in the quickest and safest manner possible. New Beginnings always performs the most thorough inspection to ensure that absolutely nothing is left behind after such a traumatic experience.

Crime Scene Cleaning Specialists

Crime scene cleaners need to earn several certification courses in order to handle hazardous materials.  They also have to undergo consistent training to broaden their knowledge on how to protect themselves from different kinds of contaminants.  They also have a complete understanding and awareness about the laws that govern Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These training and certifications also include:

Property Restoration

A crime scene clean up also means ripping out and discarding blood-soaked carpeting and upholstery. With enough knowledge on carpentry and construction, crime scene cleaning specialists will also see to it that the floors, walls and other structural damage are being restored in a way that the grieving family may find it hard to believe that it is exactly the same location where an incident took place.


Crime scene cleaning services may also include cleaning apartments or houses that have been illegally used as methamphetamine laboratories.  Usually this does not include any blood, a meth lab is often more dangerous.  The chemicals inside a meth lab can spread into the air, enter into one’s skin and other body parts.  Exposure to these substances may result in birth defects and damage to one’s internal organs. Trauma cleaning experts in this field may also be tasked to perform cleaning services for industrial accidents, infectious disease contamination and animal biohazards.

Use of High Grade Cleaning Products

Crime scene cleaners don’t just use ordinary cleaning substances.  They use hospital-grade disinfectants that are only available to people like them. They possess special knowledge about the proper use of these cleaning chemicals to remove blood from the walls, ceilings, light fixtures, artworks, different kinds of furniture and appliances.

Crime scene cleaners not only have knowledge about cleaning in these special circumstances.  They also possess this empathetic presence for family members, friends and loved ones who are still in shock about this unfortunate incident. Once you passed on the burden of cleaning the crime scene to us, you can allow yourself to begin to the grieving process.

Please do not rely on companies that cut corners or does not work with you financially.

Houston Service Area

We offer crime scene & trauma cleaning services throughout the Houston area as a locally owned and family run business. Some zip codes we serve include:

77381, 77382, 77383, 77386, 77387, 77388, 77389, 77391, 77393, 77354, 77375, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77389, 77301, 77302, 77303, 77304, 77318, 77356, 77378, 77382, 77384, 77385

In addition we proudly serve some of the following areas within Houston:

Creekside Park, East Shore, Town Center/The Waterway, Sterling Ridge, Carlton Woods, Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing, Indian Springs, College Park, Panther Creek, Grogan's Mill, Bainbridge Estates, Candlelight Hills, Country Lake Estates, Cypresswood, Cypresswood Glen, Cypresswood Glen Estates, Devonshire Woods, Huntwick, Lakes of Cypress Forest, Louetta Lakes, Memorial Northwest, Oaks of Devonshire, Spring Creek Forest, Spring Creek Oaks, Spring Lakes, Spring Trails, Stone Forest, Terranova West, The Thicket, Wind Rose, Woodloch, Harper's Preserve, Graystone Hills, Wedgewood Falls, Chase Run, Imperial Oaks, Cedar Woods, Stewarts Forest, Barton Woods, and More

Please call us now to verify response times.

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