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Hoarding Clean Up Services In Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, & Conroe

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Hoarding Clean Up

What Is Hoarding?

A hoarder is a person who acquires large quantities of different items through buying, collecting and saving to the point of overwhelm. Hoarders generally have a psychological disorder which entails difficulties of letting go of material possessions. These massive collections generally lack any form of organization and this disorder interferes with the victim’s ability to judge the importance of each item they hoard.

Although hoarding (a.k.a. pathological hoarding or compulsive hoarding) is not yet included in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) list of psychological disorders, many experts agree that it is associated to if not interconnected with other types of disorders. In most cases, hoarding co-exists with obsessive compulsive disorder. In fact, 25-30 percent of individuals diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder were found to also have clinical compulsive hoarding behaviors.

Hoarding disorder has also been found to run in families. People who have attention-deficit disorder, clinical depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, dementia, anorexia or bulimia nervosa and schizophrenia have also been found to manifest some signs of hoarding disorder.

New Beginnings CTS have been providing hoarding cleaning services in the Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and all throughout the Houston area since 2011.

The Negative Effects Of Hoarding

Respiratory Illnesses – Hoarding leads to the accumulation of garbage and other kinds of clutter. The presence of human and animal feces and urine exposes an individual to high levels of ammonia that can wreak havoc to one’s respiratory health.

Social and Emotional Problems – As one’s hoarding behavior spirals out of control it may then lead to anxiety, resentment, distress and depression. These negative feelings and emotions can also impact a hoarder’s social life resulting in divorce, loss of child custody and social isolation.

hoarding side effects

Physical Harm – Severe cases of hoarding may lead to loss of functional space at home thus exposing one to the dangers of tripping on those pointed and harmful items. The excessive acquisition of items can also weaken the physical structures of the house thereby increasing one’s risk of being hurt by falling debris when certain parts of the house collapse. Not to mention the likelihood of having blocked exits, covered heating vents and the dangers of being caught in fire due to cluttered flammable items.


Of Those With A Hoarding DIsorder

Financial Problems – Statistics show that 75 percent of people who have hoarding disorder would purchase items that are unnecessary which may eventually lead to bankruptcy. Hoarders may also find themselves being terminated from their job as their cluttered home prevents them from normally performing their daily routines.

Loss of Home – Hoarders may also lose their homes as authorities from the local Department of Public Safety declares them out of the house or when their landlord tells the court that they have already violated the laws of lease. When hoarding fills the house with too many contents, the likelihood of losing it due to fire and flood also increases.

Help for Hoarders

Most individuals afflicted with this condition are not able to realize that they have such disorder. This is why professional help is highly needed because as hoarding disorder progresses it will not only have negative impacts on a person affected by it.  It will also pose serious health and safety risks to other household members and neighbors. If left to worsen, hoarding can even cause death.

Psychological help must be sought to help the person regain his ability to function normally. With professional help, one’s tendency to repeat such deleterious habit of hoarding will be greatly reduced if not eliminated. The following are some links to companies and professionals that provide help for people with hoarding disorders.

  • Hoarders Anonymous
  • Anxiety And Depression Association Of America

Professional Hoarding Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning a hoard can be very difficult because it can be filled with all sorts of health hazards.  The presence of molds, bacteria, flammable objects, broken items, animal and human feces and urine are few of the many reasons why cleaning a hoard all by yourself is too difficult and dangerous.


This is when the help of professional cleaning services must be sought. These hoarding cleanup experts are highly trained people who know how to evaluate the unique situation of each hoarder’s house to be able to bring back order and cleanliness.  The likelihood of a valuable item being thrown away is greatly reduced when you hire a professional cleaning service.

These cleaning experts are well versed in terms of federal, local and state regulations regarding the proper disposal of biohazardous wastes. They also have the right knowledge regarding what type of cleaning products to be used for certain items to protect its value.

hoarding cleaning specialists

Hoarding Clean Up Costs

  • A typical home filled with contents may cost $10,000 while a small apartment may only cost $1,500.
  • Depending on the severity of hoarding and the amount of cleaning that must be done, some hoarding cleanup services charge $.75- $2 per square foot.
  • The cost of hoarding cleanup services may range from $35 up to $80 per hoarding cleanup specialist.

Each situation is different so New Beginnings either charges by the dumpster or square footage whichever saves the customer the most money.

Why Use New Beginnings?

New Beginnings CTS Decon has the main goal of helping people become capable of starting a new beginning while their properties are being recovered. We work confidentiality so you can begin to restore your property on your terms in private. Many companies simply throw away as much as possible to increase the amount they can charge. New Beginnings works hard to salvage as much as possible that isn’t a health risk to you or your loved ones.

Hoarding in Houston

As reality TV shows such as “Hoarders” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive” gained increasing popularity among U.S. residents, the truth as well as the complexities of hoarding disorder has finally been brought into the light for authorities to be able to come up with stricter laws for it.

The city of Houston recently passed an ordinance which addresses hoarding. This came as a result of the many Houston residents’ clamor for help regarding their neighbors who have been afflicted with hoarding disorder. The said city ordinance will allow police officers to conduct ocular inspection to the houses or apartments of individuals suspected to have hoarding disorder. As stipulated in the said city ordinance, the police will now have the responsibility to refer hoarders to the proper authorities especially to those who offer mental health services.

$ Per Day Fine

After Hoarder Cleaners

A misdemeanor fine will also be charged to hoarders which may cost up to $500 daily. With such strict laws regarding hoarding in Houston cities like Spring, The Woodlands, and even Conroe could be very close with similar laws regarding hoarding.”

All hoarders must be treated with much compassion and respect.  And those with a psychological disorder should be treated with the same level of case as those who suffer from other medical and psychological condition.

We promise to honor your space and provide you with the respect and privacy that you deserve so you can start your new beginning.

Houston Service Area

We offer hoarding cleaning services throughout the Houston area as a locally owned and family run business. Some zip codes we serve include:

77381, 77382, 77383, 77386, 77387, 77388, 77389, 77391, 77393, 77354, 77375, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77389, 77301, 77302, 77303, 77304, 77318, 77356, 77378, 77382, 77384, 77385

In addition we proudly serve some of the following areas within Houston:

Creekside Park, East Shore, Town Center/The Waterway, Sterling Ridge, Carlton Woods, Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing, Indian Springs, College Park, Panther Creek, Grogan's Mill, Bainbridge Estates, Candlelight Hills, Country Lake Estates, Cypresswood, Cypresswood Glen, Cypresswood Glen Estates, Devonshire Woods, Huntwick, Lakes of Cypress Forest, Louetta Lakes, Memorial Northwest, Oaks of Devonshire, Spring Creek Forest, Spring Creek Oaks, Spring Lakes, Spring Trails, Stone Forest, Terranova West, The Thicket, Wind Rose, Woodloch, Harper's Preserve, Graystone Hills, Wedgewood Falls, Chase Run, Imperial Oaks, Cedar Woods, Stewarts Forest, Barton Woods, and More

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